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Tasteless humour

So, a friend has convinced his workplace that the word ‘bottom’ is inherently funny regardless of context. ‘Bottom of the list’, ‘bottom of the filing cabinet’, etc. all lead to tittering. It got to the stage where one person made a file called ‘bottom’ just so that, in order to find out if they had the right unix permissions, they would type ‘touch bottom’ on the command line.

Well, I was wondering what other command line commands are funny when followed by ‘bottom’…

alias bottom
at bottom
bash bottom
batch bottom
bind bottom
break bottom
cat bottom
cksum bottom
command bottom
compress bottom
cut bottom
date bottom
diff bottom
du bottom
echo bottom
ed bottom
ex bottom
expand bottom
false bottom
file bottom
find bottom
fold bottom
get bottom
git fetch bottom
git merge bottom
git pull bottom
git push bottom
git remote bottom
git show bottom
git tag bottom
glob bottom
goto bottom
grep bottom
hash bottom
head bottom
id bottom
jobs bottom
join bottom
kill bottom
lex bottom
link bottom
make bottom
man bottom
more bottom
mount bottom
nano bottom
nice bottom
od bottom
paste bottom
patch bottom
ps bottom
python bottom
read bottom
repeat bottom
return bottom
sed button
sh bottom
shift bottom
sleep bottom
sort bottom
source bottom
split bottom
stop bottom
strip bottom
suspend bottom
switch bottom
tail bottom
talk bottom
test bottom
touch bottom
true bottom
type bottom
uncompress bottom
unexpand button
unlink bottom
unmount bottom
wait bottom
wc bottom
what bottom
which bottom
who bottom
write bottom


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